The Sinfulness of Pride

In this lesson Blake Fitzpatrick brought a lesson addressing the sinfulness of pride.

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Working of the Holy Spirit

In this lesson we took a look at how the Holy Spirit works. 

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Confusion and Transgression

Have you ever heard anyone say, as an explanation for some sinful action, “I have become so confused I don’t know what is right anymore”? As a rule, the person who says such a thing is one who has had clear convictions but has acted, or is about to act, contrary to them. 

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Who Will Be Put to Shame?

In this lesson we gave consider to who will be put to shame. 

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What Will You Do With the Gospel?

In this lesson we considered the question, “What Will You Do with the Gospel?” 

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Return to the Lord

This article was originally published in Expository Files 18.7, July 2011. Read the original publication

Built in to the message of the prophets was the appeal to repent. These men were sent by God to expose sin and urge the guilty to repent. Often the appeal was framed as a challenge to return to the Lord (Isa. 

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Remaining Free from Bondage

In this lesson we talked about how God led Israel out of bondage and the lessons which apply to Christians today. 

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More Than I Can Bear

In this lesson we looked at the doubts of Moses and lessons which Christians could learn from these doubts. 

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Are Instruments Justified as an Aid to Singing?

This article was originally published on Mind Your Faith, November 1, 2013. Read the original publication

One of the most common, and simplest, justifications for instrumental music is that it merely serves to aid the worship. Like a song book or pitch pipe the piano, drums or guitar keep the time, pitch and music as we sing along. 

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What If Everyone Was Like Me? Part 2

In this lesson we continued our consideration of the question, “What If Everyone Was Like Me?” 

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