Three Attitudes of a Christian

In this lesson we looked at three essential attitudes of a faithful Christian. 

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The Unrighteousness of Men

In this lesson we talked about the unrighteousness of men and how one can be saved from their unrighteousness. 

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A World-Changing Faith

This article was originally published in the Glendale church of Christ’s bulletin, November 30, 2014. Read the original publication

Someone once said that to change the world, one must begin by changing one’s self. As disciples of Jesus Christ, whose aim should be to change the world in which we live, that advice would do us much good; for me to be able to have a world-changing faith, I must begin with

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Don’t Give Up On God

In this sermon, we considered how the first generation of Israelites turned to idol worship during Moses’ absence on Mount Sinai.  We showed how Christians must neither grow impatient nor give up on serving God. 

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Being Thankful to God

In this lesson, we discussed being thankful to God, as seen in the one leper who returned to thank Jesus for healing him. 

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Why Do churches of Christ Differ So Widely?

This article was originally published in “Biblical Insights,” February 2012.

A sign reading “Church of Christ” in front of a building tells you very little these days. Most any doctrine or practice may be found inside. This is frustrating to many people.

Outsiders make fun of the situation, saying, “You preach unity but you are the most divided people we know.” They may add, “This just proves you are not the true church.” This last statement shows a total misunderstanding of what

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Do Not Lose Heart

In this lesson, we showed from 1 Thessalonians 3 why Christians should not lose heart, even during troubling persecutions. 

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Leaving Behind the “Antichrist”

In this lesson, we examined took a look at what the Bible teaches on the subject of the “antichrist.” 

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Three Faithful Young Men

This article was originally published in Expository Files 21.10, October 2014. Read the original publication

To have “integrity” is to be honest and sincere, doing what is right regardless of the costs. The Old Testament book of Daniel teaches us much about integrity, not only in the example of the book’s namesake, but also in his three contemporaries; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. 

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Called To Blessings, Called to Sufferings

While Christians are called to blessings, they are also called to sufferings.  Our lives as Christians are not going to be without sufferings.  We must learn to endure and never give up. 

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