Are You A Living and Growing Stone?

In this lesson, we took a look at a Christian’s responsibility to be a living a growing stone within the body of Christ. 

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How Do We Walk By Faith?

In this lesson we talked about how one walks by faith. 

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The Problem of Private Lust

Lust has gone public in America. No subject is too delicate for a television or movie script. Pornography is big business. Absolutely nothing is left to the imagination. Yet, this business would utterly fail were it not for the fact that it feeds the private yearnings of corrupted hearts. It is from this private cesspool of defilement that this flowing well of licentiousness comes. 

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“But God”

In this lesson, Blake talked about God’s promise to protect and provide for His people. 

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The Origin of Elders

In this lesson Ron Buxton discussed the origin of elders and the importance of having strong, reputable leaders guiding the congregation. 

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Authority – How Important is it to God?

In the course of studying with people about the need for Biblical authority in all religious matters, I have had people not only say they see no need for authority from God to act, but even ridicule the idea of our desire to establish authority from God’s word for all of our teachings and practices. 

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Being Enthusiastic (Part 2)

In this lesson we continued looking at the importance of having zeal for the work of the local church. 

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Being Enthusiastic

In this lesson we talked about the importance of having zeal for the work of the local church. 

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When Change Is Bad

This article was originally published in the Ellettsville church of Christ’s bulletin, January 25, 2015. Read the original publication

Change can be good and is even necessary.  However, when Paul wrote to the Galatians, he spoke about some bad changes.  When is change bad?  What does the Bible say? 

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It’s All About The Party

This article was originally published in the South Fayetteville church of Christ’s bulletin, February 21, 2014. Read the original publication

It’s all about the party!

Have you ever noticed the celebration in each of the parables of lost things (sheep, coin, son—Luke 15)? In each story, something is lost and then found, then there’s a party. 

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