In Remembrance

articles from our weekly bulletin

God’s Approved Plan of Waiting for Jesus’ Return

The church at Thessalonica was established during Paul’s second evangelistic journey when some of the Jews “and a great multitude of devout Greeks” were persuaded that Jesus is the Christ predicted by the Old Testament Scriptures (see Acts 17:1-4). In Paul’s first letter “to the church of the Thessalonians” he reminded them how they “turned [...]

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Taking A Break

There are times when people choose to take a break from their given responsibilities.  This “break” may come as time off, a vacation, a sabbatical, etc.  Depending on the reason for the “break,” people might use the time to rest and to “recharge.” These breaks might even be a time for reflection or a time [...]

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Is Jesus Your High Priest?

Do you know why Jesus Christ is the perfect High Priest?  Let us consider the question by starting with the following passage from Hebrews: “For it was indeed fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, innocent, unstained, separated from sinners, and exalted above the heavens. He has no need, like those high [...]

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Trends, Traditions, & Motives

The New Testament reveals limited information regarding the work of the local church.  From this information, we understand the work of the local church, the purpose of the local church, how the local church uses the funds collected as well as how and when the local church is to worship the Lord.  However, there are [...]

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Experience God

Twice in the last month I’ve run across “religious advertising” that has featured the phrase that entitles this article.  In one instance, a local religious organization was promoting some kind of holiday program and the banner in front of their facility invited the general public to “Come Experience God”.  The other circumstance is a bit more pronounced and permanent, as one of the prominent “community churches” in Beaumont has erected a high-tech sign outside of their building which features not

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