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The City of Bethel

In this lesson, brother Duvall goes through the history of the city of Bethel, and shows the lessons we can learn from it. 

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Armed for the Fight

This article was originally published in the Avenue N church of Christ’s bulletin, August 20, 2017. Read the original source »

The apostle Peter admonished the early disciples, “Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind” (1 Pet. 4:1). Apparently, he believed there was a spiritual war going on! 

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Looking Forward

In this lesson, brother Duvall discusses ways for Christians to be prepared with the future in mind, both as an individual and as part of a congregation. 

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Are You Putting Forth Your Best Effort?

Effort is a key ingredient in accomplishing any worthwhile task. defines effort as:  “1 :  conscious exertion of power . . . 2 :  a serious attempt  . . . 3 : something produced by exertion or trying . . . 4 : effective force as distinguished from the possible resistance called into action by such a force 5 :  the total work done to achieve a particular end . 

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Keeping a Proper Perspective

In this lesson, brother Duvall emphasizes how keeping a proper perspective allows us to avoid ways that will cause us to fail in our Christian tasks. 

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Eclipsing Our Light

In this lesson, brother Duvall uses the eclipse to draw attention to our duty to shine God’s light. 

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A Congregation’s Future

The responsibilities of the local eldership are much more than making the occasional decisions for the congregation. While it is true the current eldership has made several physical improvements to the meeting place, as well as making the decision to support additional gospel preachers, there are more important tasks to which the elders also give their time and mental energies. 

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Psalm 28 & 29

In this lesson, brother Duvall showcases David’s prayer for help and demonstrates his surety of an answer from God. He also emphasizes the power of God shown in the storm, and the prayer for His blessings. 

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Are We Speaking For God?

In this lesson, brother Duvall discusses how and why we speak as oracles of God, and uses Job’s friends to illustrate the harm done when speaking incorrectly. 

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Smyrna: The Poor Church That Was Rich

We are told nothing about the beginning of the church in Smyrna; the book of Revelation contains the only mention of this church. Since Smyrna was about 35 miles north of Ephesus, it may have been established while Paul was in Ephesus (see Acts 19:10). Jesus brings no criticism against the church at Smyrna; He, instead, comforts them by assuring them that He was acquainted with their situation. 

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