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In this lesson, Jon Hall talks about the importance of watching and being prepared for the Lord to come again. 

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Are You A Child Of God?

In this lesson, Ron Buxton talked about the qualities and characteristics of children of God. 

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God Knew You Then

This article is from the Expository Files 21.2, published February 2014. Read the original publication

Jeremiah was a prophet who began his work in 627 B.C. and continued until he was taken to Egypt in about 587 B.C.  During his lifetime he saw the Assyrians, once the powerful and dreaded enemies of Israel and Judah, crumble and fall. 

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What Will You Inherit?

In this lesson, Travis Locke reminded us of the importance of striving to obtain the true and spiritual inheritance found only in Jesus Christ. 

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Persons of Interest: Noah

With this lesson we began our year long look at persons of influence. In this lesson we took a look at Noah’s influence on the world of his day. 

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The Bible and Hydrology

Hydrology is “a science dealing with the properties, distribution, and circulation of water on and below the earth’s surface and in the atmosphere” ( There are many branches of hydrology, such as oceanography and meteorology. Oceanography is “a science that deals with the oceans and includes the delimitation of their extent and depth” (Ibid.). 

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Who Will Enter the Narrow Gate?

In this lesson, we considered Jesus’ warnings regarding the “narrow gate” in Luke 13:22-30. 

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Hospitality: The Willingness to Help (Part 2)

In this lesson, we continued our look at the importance of hospitality in the life of a Christian, including the proper attitudes needed for showing hospitality. 

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“Washed the Saints’ Feet”

Paul, in his instructions to Timothy regarding widows who would qualify to “be taken into the number” for the purpose of support, stated that she had to be “well reported for good works…if she has lodged strangers, if she has washed the saints’ feet, if she has relieved the afflicted, if she has diligently followed every good work” (1Timothy 5:10). 

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Preparing for Perilous Times

In this lesson we examined Paul’s warnings regarding perilous times which would come upon Christians. 

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