Musical Instruments – Does God Care?

In this final lesson, Marshall gave consideration to whether or not God really cares regarding the use of instrumental music in the worship services. 

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Are Members of the church of Christ the Only Ones Going to Heaven?

In this lesson Marshall addressed the question, “Are members of the church of Christ the only ones going to heaven?” 

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Silence of the Scripture – Permissive or Prohibitive?

In this lesson, Marshall discussed the silence of the scriptures and whether or not the silence is permissive or prohibitive. 

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No Fear In Death

Marshall Reid is the guest speaker for our Fall Gospel Meeting 2014, entitled Bible Authority. We invite you to come and join us, either in person or online.

At the end of Hebrews 2, the Hebrew writer introduces the point that Jesus was a “merciful and faithful High Priest”, a point he will more fully develop later in the epistle.  

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How Can We Know What Pleases God?

In this lesson, Marshall talked about how we can know what pleases God. 

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What’s the Big Deal?

In this lesson, Marshall Reid talked about man’s need for authority as well as the definite need for authority in matters pertaining to God. 

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