As We Go Out

In this sermon, Steven talked about the importance of going out and telling others about Christ. 

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Drawing People to Christ

In this lesson, we showed a few ways in which a Christian can draw a person to Jesus Christ. 

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The Invitation

In this lesson, we considered the need to accept and extend the greatest invitation. 

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Skeptics & Believers

In the lesson we took a look at Bible examples of skeptics and believers. 

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It’s All About The Party

This article was originally published in the South Fayetteville church of Christ’s bulletin, February 21, 2014. Read the original publication

It’s all about the party!

Have you ever noticed the celebration in each of the parables of lost things (sheep, coin, son—Luke 15)? In each story, something is lost and then found, then there’s a party. 

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It’s God’s Choice

In this lesson, using Romans, chapter 9, we talked about God’s authority to save whomever He chooses. We might look at a person and say, “Surely God would not save that person.” However, if a person will humble himself, turning to the Lord, then the Lord will save that person. 

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Bring in the New Year

This article was originally published in the Southside church of Christ’s bulletin, December 28, 2014. Read the original publication

Lose weight.  Exercise more.  Quit some bad habit.  Read the Bible from start to finish.  The new year is upon us, a time when we make plans about how we’re going to spend the next twelve months.  

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Hidden Your Word in My Heart

In this lesson, Jared Strohl talks about the importance of knowing God’s word as well as the importance of memorizing Bible passages. 

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Toning It Down

This article was originally published in Plain Talk: Volume XV, Number V, page 1; July 1978. Read the original publication

A “Country Meeting” had gone exceedingly well, and elders from another community asked the preacher to work with them in a meeting the following year. He came at the appointed time, and found his reputation had spread, and the building was packed. 

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Ask the Lord of Harvest

This article was originally published in Expository Files 21.9, September 2014. Read the original publication

There is most certainly a direct correlation between being a successful disciple of Jesus and prayer. As children of God, we are the most blessed and privileged people on earth. Our gain in Him by far outweighs the riches of the world. 

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