Motherhood Lessons from Mary

In this sermon, we talked about lessons which mothers can learn from the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. 

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In this lesson, we gave consider to Hannah and what lessons women could learn from such a godly woman. 

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Challenges of Motherhood

In this lesson, we talked about some of the challenges faced by mothers. 

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Mothers Need…

In this lesson we looked at four things which all mothers need. 

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Wisdom Seen in the Wife and Mother

In this lesson we talked about mothers and their value and responsibility. 

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Mother’s Shape Lives

This article was originally published on the Westside church of Christ’s bulletin on May 13th, 2012. Read the original publication (dead link)

Every year Mother’s Day rolls around and I try to have something to say to encourage women.  It is hard to be a godly woman in today’s society but I am not sure it was ever easy to be godly in any society.  

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