Elder’s Responsibilites, Part 2

In this lesson, Ron continued his series on elders and deacons by concluding the lesson addressing the responsibilities of the elders. 

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Elder’s Responsibilities

In this lesson, Ron talked about the responsibilities of the elders of a congregation.  This is part 1 of this 2 part lesson.  This is lesson three in Ron’s six part series on elders and deacons. 

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Long Live the King

The nation of Israel had a great king.  This king had been their deliverer, their instructor, their provider, and the protector.  This great king loved Israel as a man would love his wife and children.  All the king asked for was Israel’s faithful obedience, complete love, and genuine worship.  In the latter part of 1 Samuel 10:24, the people of Israel shouted, “Long live the king!” 

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