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Dale Decker

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John Duvall

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Jenson Leu

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John Duvall

On June 17, 2007, John M. Duvall and his family joined the Seminole Pointe congregation with John serving as the preacher. John has been working full time as a gospel preacher since August, 1987 when John and his wife, Ronda, began working with the County Line church of Christ in Opp, Alabama. Prior to his first full time work, John gained experience preaching by filling in for congregations in the Atlanta area followed by a training program in Thomasville, Alabama.

In June, 1989, after nearly two years in Opp, Alabama, John, his wife, and their two little girls moved to work with the North “A” Street church of Christ in McAlester, OK. After spending five and a half years with the brethren in McAlester, John, his wife, and his three girls moved to Jonesboro, Arkansas. In December, 1994, John and his family began working with the North Side church of Christ in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

In August, 1998, John and his family of five moved to work with the members of the Gore Boulevard church of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma. John and his family spent nearly nine years working with the brethren to spread the gospel of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma. During John’s stay in Lawton, his family of five grew to seven with the addition of two sons.

On June 17, 2007, John and his family began working with the members of the Seminole Pointe church of Christ in north Oklahoma City. Through the years, John has learned the importance of presenting Bible truths in a simple fashion, understanding that both the young and the old hear the weekly lessons.

Prior to moving to Oklahoma City, John gained experience presenting lessons on the radio in McAlester, Oklahoma, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Lawton, Oklahoma. In addition to his weekly sermons, John has also taught Bible classes on the internet.

In 1999, John established the Truth Factor website which he used as a tool to share his own writings as well as the writings of other preachers and teachers.