archives: find all of our lessons, sermons, and articles

What is Archives?

Archives is where we store all of our published materials, such as sermon recordings, bible classes, documents, and articles.

How Do I Navigate Archives?

You can access Archives through our four main categories:

  • In Remembrance: our weekly articles that appear in the bulletin
  • Bible Classes: our two adult bible classes are streamed and recorded
  • Sermons: you can find audio, video, and presentation files for all of our sermons
  • Gospel Meetings: our guest speakers are placed in this fourth category

Each page will show you individual records that you can click on to find out more information and download relevant files.

Are there any restrictions on distributing/reusing resources found in Archives?

For the most part, no. Provided you cite our website, we encourage you to use what we provide to help further your studies. For more specific information on how our content is licensed, please check our resources readme.