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The Steam That Drives the Train

In this lesson, Charles talked about four things which motivated Jesus and which should motivate Christians today. 

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Your Walk in 2020

In this lesson, we considered how Christians should be walking and presenting themselves to God in this new year. 

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Resolutions for a New Year

In this lesson, Arthell Jr. presented resolutions for Christians to consider for this new year. 

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Grasshopper Complex

In this lesson, Dale considered lessons learned from Numbers 13 and the nation of Israel’s failure to initially take the land of Canaan. 

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Judgment of Others

In this sermon, Shelton talked about the danger of improperly judging others. 

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Ignoring God’s Warnings

In this lesson, Shelton showed the dangers of ignoring God’s warnings. 

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Trusting in God

In this lesson, we consider the importance of trusting in God for the salvation of our souls. 

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In this lesson, we reviewed the nature of the final judgement that awaits us all. 

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Reap What You Sow

In this lesson, we discussed the dangers of complacency, and how the resulting sinful actions can impact our lives. 

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