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The Redeemed

In this lesson Travis Locke looks at the redemption made possible through Jesus Christ. 

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Being Spiritual Minded – Part 2

In this lesson we continued our look at the importance of being spiritually minded.  Due to technical issues, there is no video of this lesson, only an audio recording. 

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Introduction of Sin

In this lesson we took a look at the introduction of sin into the world. 

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Being Spiritual Minded – Part 1

In this lesson we began a look at the importance of being spiritually minded. 

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The Bible and Ethnology

Ethnology is “a science that deals with the division of human being into races and their origins, distribution, relations, and characteristics” ( We have noted that evolutionists have great difficulty in explaining the current world population, and they are especially at a loss in explaining the origin of language. The same is true when it comes to their ideas about the origin and development of the many nations that comprise this world. 

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The Creation of Man

In this lesson we considered the creation of man and lessons which could apply to Christians today. 

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At Your Word, Lord

In this lesson, we took a look at Peter’s willingness to let down his fishing net at the word of the Lord.  From this account, we considered three lessons for the life of a Christian. 

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Sowing the Seed or Landscaping?

Jesus taught the parable of the sower and soils in Luke 8:5-15. He also explains the meaning. Jesus talked about a sower who sowed seed. The seed is the word of God. The sower was just to spread that seed. Some seed fell on fertile ground, and it grew and produced fruit. 

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Circumcision God Requires

In this lesson we consider the circumcision which God requires, the circumcision of the heart. 

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