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The Christian and the Internet

In this lesson, Shelton talks about a Christian’s responsibility in matters of social media.

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Exercise Yourself to Godliness

In this lesson, we discussed how to live in a godly, scriptural manner.

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Three Pillars of Faith

In this lesson, we talked about the three pillars of faith: Bible study, prayer, and edification.

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Are You A Disciple of Jesus?

In this lesson, Brother Bass challenges us to inspect our lives in regards to our service to Christ.

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Day to Day Christian Living

In this lesson, we discussed the challenges Christians face in daily living.

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How Do I Pray for My Enemies?

In this lesson, John addressed the question, “How do I pray for my enemies?”

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What is the Point of Prayer?

In this lesson, John talked about the point of prayer in the life of a Christian.

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This World Is Not Hour Home

In this lesson, Shelton showed from the scriptures how this physical world is not our home.

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Old Law Taken Away

In this lesson, Shelton talked about why the Old Law of Moses was taken away with the death of Jesus Christ.

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