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Forgiving Others

In this lesson, we talked about the importance of forgiving others.

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The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

In this lesson, we considered five roles of the Holy Spirit as seen in the Old Testament scriptures.

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In this lesson, Shelton talked about the importance of repentance.

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Being More Than Conquerors

In this lesson, John shared five steps seen in Romans 8 which will make a Christian more than a conqueror.

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The Impossible Sermon

In this lesson, we considered a series of things considered impossible by the scriptures.

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God’s Examples for Fathers

In this lesson, we considered examples for fathers as seen within the heavenly Father.

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In his lesson, Shelton presented a lesson looking at Ezra and what lessons we could learn from his life.

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A Tale of Two Men

In this lesson, John compared Saul of Tarsus and King Agrippa I, two men who persecuted the church and submitted to the death of innocent men.

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