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fall gospel meeting 2017 w/ james lusby

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Some people view Christianity as old fashion and out of date. The idea of worshiping and serving God may seem not to fit with our modern times. However, just as God expected His people to worship and serve Him many years ago, He also expects the modern man to worship and serve Him.

Thank you for your interest in our 2017 Fall Gospel Meeting, which ran Friday, September 8 through Sunday, September 10th. The meeting has now concluded, and recordings and lecture charts have been posted on our website. Feel free to review the specific sessions using the links in the schedule to the right.

Our guest speaker is Brother James Lusby of Van Buren, AR. He currently is serving as evangelist for the Access Road church of Christ, located in Van Buren, AR. He has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years, and he has always stood for the truth. He has spent most of this time preaching in the south central part of the country, including Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. In 1977, James and his wife Mardi moved to Oklahoma City where they worked and labored with the church for thirty years. During that time, they raised two children and saw the birth of five grandchildren. The Seminole Pointe congregation helps to support James and Mardi in their efforts in Van Buren. For more information, visit

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Friday, September 8


After We Pray… What?

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Saturday, September 9


Open Discussion for All Ages

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The Death Appointment

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Sunday, September 10


Bible Class
The “Me First” Mentality

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Worship Service
When We Don’t Feel Like Singing

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Worship Service
The Blame Game

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