Facing Temptation

In this lesson, David presented a powerful lesson showing how and why a person should stand against temptations. This is the third lesson in our summer series “Facing Life’s Storms.” 

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Three Faithful Young Men

To have “integrity” is to be honest and sincere, doing what is right regardless of the costs. The Old Testament book of Daniel teaches us much about integrity, not only in the example of the book’s namesake, but also in his three contemporaries; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

In addition to the examples of faith, courage and commitment, there are other themes running throughout the book as well. 

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Confusion and Transgression

Have you ever heard anyone say, as an explanation for some sinful action, “I have become so confused I don’t know what is right anymore”? As a rule, the person who says such a thing is one who has had clear convictions but has acted, or is about to act, contrary to them. 

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