Our Bible Classes

what we're studying

Nursery Class

Currently Studying:

God Made . . .

  • Sunday AM Teacher: Erin Strohl
  • Wednesday PM Teacher: Hannah Duvall

Toddler Class

Currently Studying:

Old Testament – Highlighting Creation – Nehemiah

  • Sunday AM Teacher: Sarah Locke
  • Wednesday PM Teacher: Elizabeth Cates

Preschool Class

Currently Studying:

Joseph – Trickery, Tragedy and Triumph

  • Sunday AM Teacher: Ronda Duvall
  • Wednesday PM Teacher: Phyllis Leu

Elementary Class

Currently Studying:

Judges – A Sad Cycle

  • Sunday AM Teacher: Glenda Bowen
  • Wednesday PM Teacher: Cindy Kemp

Middle School Class

Currently Studying:

Exodus – Captivity, Convoy, and conquering

  • Sunday AM Teacher: Tommy Baty
  • Wednesday PM Teacher: Mike Bowen

Teenage Class

Currently Studying:

  • Sunday AM: Dating for Marriage – Teacher: Cal Mann
  • Wednesday PM: World Religion – Teacher: Jared Strohl

Young Mother’s Class

Currently Studying:

Mastering Motherhood – Proverbs 31

Wednesday PM Teacher: Ronda Duvall

Auditorium Class

Currently Studying:

  • Sunday Morning: Prayer in My Life – Teacher: John Duvall
  • Wednesday Night: 1 Corinthians – Teacher: John Duvall

Second Adult Class

Currently Studying:

  • Sunday Morning: The Nature of Man – Teacher: Ron Buxton
  • Wednesday Night:  1, 2, & 3 John – Teacher: Dale Decker